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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Unsolicited Advice for Britney Spears

I have some unsolicited advice for Britney.

I recommend that Britney pull a Demi Moore and get out of LA. Way back when, Demi left the limelight, lived in Idaho and raised her daughters. She then came back, hotter than ever, and commanded LA with full gusto. If Britney does this, gets out of the spotlight, gets rid of some of the paparazzi (as much as you can), gets rid of the influences, etc. - she may have a chance at resuming normalcy. She also will prove that she can stabilize herself and perhaps get her boys back, which she says is her goal.

So Brit - flee LA. Hurry, and get out. Do not look back. And if you can't get far, then get out to a remote town in CA. Just take Lynn with you and that's it. Definitely leave most of that wardrobe, btw, behind too.

While I'm sure Britney getting plenty of it, I'm not sure she's listening to anyone. What makes me think she'd take this advice? I don't. But I felt compelled to share.

BTW, I do understand that Demi didn't have the uphill battles that Britster has. But we need to try to help her, right?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

What a day Tuesday was- It's Thursday night and I'm still thinking about it.

We had the Super Bowl news wrapping up (mmmm... Tom Brady). We had Fat Tuesday. And last but not least, we had Super Tuesday - the politics of all politics. The debates leading up were some of the most watched debates in history.

With the current state of our nation, I don't doubt it. It's top-of-mind for everyone - from healthcare, to our security to the economy.... and not necessarily in that order.
So, I just want to say - KEEP WATCHING, keep following, and get out there and vote. We all have a voice.